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Questions about music on the website: 

Question: Where can you download Azūr Meditations music?

Answer: Our music is available on Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms. We Also have downloadable versions of our music here on the website. Purchasing music through our website helps support us, and allows you to listen offline if you like.

Question: How do I find a specific YouTube video music on the website?

Answer: The "Individual Tracks" link on the home page will take you to all the music available for download. You can also use the search feature (look for the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the screen) and just type the name of the video as it appears on YouTube. Keep in mind, not all music tracks on YouTube are available here on the website. The music you see in album format (Light Of Christ, Michael, Magdalene, etc.) will be the shortened version. This is better if you prefer to listen the same way you would with a playlist. We're constantly adding more music so check back from time to time if you like. We are currently working on adding the long format version of music to the website for download for those of you who prefer to listen to the same track on an extended loop (long version). 


Question: How do I transfer music I've downloaded from the website to my iPhone?

Answer: All of our downloads are in MP3 format which makes it easy to transfer to different devices. Below we have linked helpful tutorials:

Transfer MP3 to iPhone, iPad using iTunes :

Transfer MP3 to iPhone, iPad without iTunes :

Transfer MP3 to Amazon Music :

Transfer MP3 to Android :


Questions about the use of music:

Question: Can I use Azūr Meditations music in my own projects?

Answer:  No. Our music is available for personal use only. It is not available for use in any commercial or non-commercial projects. 

This includes our music that is available on Youtube, our Online Store, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and other online music streaming and distribution platforms.


Question: Is your music copyright free or royalty free?

Answer:  No. All our music is copyrighted. Many people refer to the music available under public domain as copyright free. None of our music is available in public domain, and it is not copyright free. Our music is not available as royalty free.


Question: Can I re-upload your videos/music on my YouTube channel?

Answer: No. It infringes on our copyrights and is against YouTube's policies. Also, the channel with re-uploaded content might get a copyright strike and risks termination. The following scenarios are also considered as a copyright violation under YouTube's policies and can result in a copyright strike.

  • You have given credit to the Artist, or have written statements such as “no-copyright infringement intended”
  • Manipulating audio, such as pitching it up and down, mixing it with other audios or nature sounds
  • Manipulating video, such as removing, masking Azūr Meditation’s branding, or photo manipulation of any kind
  • Using a small portion of the music/video.


Question: Can I sample your music and distribute it on platforms like iTunes,  Spotify, Apple Music, or Distrokid?

Answer: No, music is only for personal use. Each of those distributers and other similar streaming services require you own 100% of the copyrights to the projects you publish. If you attempt this, it's likely you will get a cease and desist letter, lose all the money you made, and never be allowed to sell music on those sites again. If you have more questions, contact the legal departments at those distributors, or you local copyright attorney.

Question: Can I play Azūr Meditation's music at my Spa, Yoga Studio, or other group activities?

Answer: Yes.

Customer Support Related Questions:

Question: Where do I ask for help about a product I ordered?

Answer: Email us at: